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Epic ride across NZ

Found this story about one guys trip from one end of NZ to the other.We may be seeing more of him in Australia.

Allen Drysdale

New Zealand's Adam Hutchinson loves adventure and his "Mission Impossible" trip from Cape Reinga to Bluff, on a 50cc scooter, have also given him a few laughs along the way.
And, now that Hutchinson, a student at Christchurch"s Lincoln University, and his Yamaha CY50 Jog scooter have conquered New Zealand, a trip across the Tasman may be on the cards.
"Yep, it's something I'd like to do. Peter Payne (the sales manager at Yamaha New Zealand) said it's not as easy as it sounds but I think I'll probably like to give it a go anyway. We'll see. Maybe next year I'll plot out a course from Sydney to Perth. I figure, if this bike can survive all that I've put it through in New Zealand, it should handle Australia okay too.
In the meantime, an overjoyed Hutchinson said Yamaha had given him the bike to keep and it that may also mean that Yamaha has also done the population of Christchurch an even greater service in ridding its streets of another pesky "boy racer".
"The Yamaha is going to be my main mode of transportation now. I'm selling my car, a Honda Accord."
He said the car, with lowered suspension and over-sized exhaust pipes, might be seen as a boy-racer's vehicle but he's quite happy now to put that lifestyle aside in favour of the little motorcycle.
"I'm not really a boy racer," the 23-year-old laughed. "But it was just so hard to say goodbye to the bike at the end of our journey. I love it so much."
It took Adam and his 50cc Yamaha about a fortnight to travel the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga on the northernmost tip of New Zealand's North Island, to Bluff on the southernmost tip of the South Island, and they had an absolute blast along the way.
The intrepid travellers zipped along the sand of 90 Mile Beach, zoomed down the Auckland motorway (if you could call a top speed of 60kmph zooming), fought their way around a supercross track, drove right up to the door-way of Bilbo Baggins' Hobbiton hideaway, bumped down the stone steps of the Durie Hill tower in Adam's hometown Wanganui, pitted themselves against a horse on the racetrack at Mossburn and trekked the Haast Pass before skating their way right up to the edge of the Franz Joseph Glacier.
At a maximum speed of 60kmh, riding the length of New Zealand on a 50cc Yamaha motor scooter may not be the fastest way to travel, but for Adam, it has been perfect because he's been able to soak up all the wonderful scenery.
They clocked up 3168 kilometres along the way - with a few detours thrown in for good measure ­ and completed the journey at the weekend when they finally reached Bluff.
The budding film-maker recorded his trip along the way, with the aim to make a documentary "The Little Engine That Could", which he hoped to approach European television companies with.
Adam said he wanted to appeal to people in his age group in Europe, to show them what a beautiful country New Zealand is.
Adam, who is originally from Wanganui in the central North Island,  is now back at Lincoln University, where he was studying agribusiness and marketing.

published 21/09/2006