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spacer is building to be the most exciting event to happen in scootering since its inception in this country is your one stop website for all your scootering needs

Whether you are new to scooters or you have been riding for years, scootersales will provide all the up to date information and events to keep you in touch with what is the fastest growing form of two wheeled transport in this country. is growing daily.This is the place to find or sell your motor scooter provides:

  • A full comprehensive list of scooter tests from scooter magazine which for your convenience will then link to where you can find your scooter of choice
  • A full comprehensive list of latest news
  • A full comprehensive list of scooter clubs across the country
  • A dealer directory that will allow you link your nearest dealer and also tell you where you can find your latest copy of scooter magazine
  • You will also be able to see a huge selection of new and used motor scooters by state for sale by individual dealers  
  • The ability for each member of the public to list their scooter for sale.
  • Finally a site that will match you with the right buyer 

For Dealers

  • For Dealers there is the ability to place all of your scooters now onto
  • Being provided with your own inventory administration system advertising any new or  used motor scooter is only a click away
  • No more waiting its immediate and easy
  • Also If needed, will still be able to assist and post your adverts if required within 48hrs of receiving your content
  • We also provide assistance through our support line 7 days a week
  • By April dealers will also be able to add any news or sales events that they may which to advertise to the public
  • Register as dealer by sending your details to

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