Australian Capital Territory - Territory and Municipal Services

Phone - 13 22 81
  • Motorcycle license applies
New South Wales - RTA

Phone - 132 213

To get a motor scooter licence in NSW you need to go through the same process as a motorcycle riders. Here's the step-by-step guide.

    1.    Pass the pre-learner course (practical).
    2.    Pass the rider knowledge test (computer) – and progress to a learner rider licence.
    3.    Take the six-hour pre-provisional course.
    4.    Pass the Motorcycle operator Skills Test (practical) – and progress to the provisional rider licence.
    5.    Hold your provisional licence for 36 months – then you can go to a motor registry and upgrade to a full licence. There isn't a test at this final stage.

There's one minor exception to this process. You can get a licence that restricts you to a 160cc or less automatic motor scooter. To get this licence you still need to complete all the tests but can skip the pre-provisional course, but most people choose to take the course so they can progress to a full rider licence.

Northern Territory Transport Group

Phone - 1300 654 628
  • Holders of a provisional/full car license may legally ride 50cc scooters.
  • For other scooters a motorcycle license applies
Queensland Government - Transport and Main Roads

Phone - 132 380
  • Holders of a provisional / full c-class (car) license may legally ride 50 cc scooters
  • Licence Classes

You must have held a provisional, P1, P2 or open car (class C) licence for at least 1 year in the last 5 years before you can apply for a motorbike licence. This means motorbike riders have at least 2 years on-road driving experience before riding solo.

Your first motorbike licence will be for a class RE. You can apply for your class RE provisional or open licence through Q-Ride or by passing the Q-SAFE practical riding test.

South Australia - Transport Travel and Motoring

Phone - 13 10 84
  • Holders of a provisional / full car license may legally ride 50 cc scooters
  • For other scooters a motorcycle license applies  
Tasmania - Transport

Phone - 1300 135 513
  • Motorcycle license applies
Victoria - Tranport

Phone - 13 11 71

You must be at least 18 years of age and a Victorian resident to apply for a motorcycle learner permit.
To obtain a motorcycle learner permit you will need to pass the following tests:
  •  eyesight test
  • motorcycle knowledge test 
  • learner permit road law knowledge test (not required if you already have a car learner permit)
  • motorcycle learner permit skill assessment (a practical ride).
You must hold a learner permit continuously for at least three months in the period immediately prior to applying for a motorcycle licence, or provide evidence that you have previously held a motorcycle licence in Victoria, interstate or overseas.

Western Australia - Department of Transport

Phone - 13 11 56
  • Holders of a provisional license / full car license may legally ride 50 cc scooters For other scooters a motorcycle license applies
  • Motorcycle Classes


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