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Types of insurance for your scooter

Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

You can’t register your scooter without CTP insurance (also called Greenslip or TAC). It covers injury caused to your pillion or a pedestrian, and gives you peace of mind.  

Before you buy a second hand scooter you should check the registration and CTP insurance details online at the local licensing authority in your state. Make sure you transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of purchase.

(Existing CTP insurance is automatically transferred with the registration.)

Third Party Property Damage

Cover for another person's property, whether it's another scooter, car or any other type of property belonging to a third party. This doesn’t include damage to you or your own scooter.


This is the most common type of insurance for scooter riders as it provides cover for accidents including fire, theft, malicious damage, as well as third party cover.

Reduce your scooter insurance premium

Rural discount - did you know that some insurers offer discounts for riders who live in country regions? Ask if your area qualifies you for this discount.

No claim bonus
- many insurers offer a no claim bonus if you hold your insurance for a certain period of time without making a claim, saving you a lot of money in the long term.

Excess - this is the amount you may have to pay when making a claim. The most important thing to do is to get the third party’s details so your insurer can make a judgement about who was at fault. Your insurer will need the other party’s license number, license plates/registration and their full name, contact number and address.  If you weren’t at fault and you have the other persons details it is very likely you won’t have to pay an excess. Your excess will vary depending on the level of cover you choose and the type of bike you have. Make sure you ask your insurer about the excess that will be relevant for you.

Other relevant considerations

Riding apparel
- if your riding gear is damaged in an accident it can be quite expensive to replace. Does your insurer cover replacement of riding wear?

Choice of repairer
- you wouldn't want to cart your scooter all over town getting quote after quote for your insurer would you? Ask if you can choose your own repairer.

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