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Scooter Review

Daelim S1 125 Review

Well its been a long time coming but we finally get to meet the Daelim S1.

You need javascript enabled and the Flash Player 9 to play this video says

I really enjoyed our time spent with the Daelim S1 125. I've spent a great deal of time listening to Daelim owners tell me how good they have it. When your talking about the S1 you will hear statements like quality, feature packed and value for money, the Daelim exudes all these things and more. The most impressive aspect for me would have to be the extensive list of features for the price, very impressive.

We must thank  Zoot Scooters Annandale  for the test vehicle.


  • Handling: 8
  • Performance: 8
  • Quality of Finish: 9
  • Storage Options: 8
  • Dash / Gauges: 9
  • Seating: 7
  • Maintenance: 9
  • Function of Parts: 9
  • Technology , EFI , LC: 8
  • Value for Money: 9

Total 84/100

Cameron Saunders- The Scooter Shop , Launceston ,TAS

First impressions count, and with the Daelim S1, everyone has a strong first impression. It’s usually a good one too. The first thing you notice with the Daelim is it’s striking (or some might say, polarising) looks. Very slab-fronted and angular, which you’ll either love or hate. To me however, it’s like the bold styling of a new BMW in a world full of Corolla’s.

What do I like about it apart from the bold styling? It just oozes quality and solidity. The legshield mounted aircraft style fuel cap is like something you’d find on a big sports bike. Machined aluminium held in place with 8 allen bolts, with a hinged cover that keeps the weather out of the key barrel. The front mounted fuel tank also makes for better front/rear weight distribution, and helps increase underseat storage. All the switch gear falls easily to hand and has a real positive ‘click’ about it. The S1 even sports a hazard light switch near the horn button, which will get all four flashers going with or without the key. The speedo is large and easy to read even though it has mph as well as kph on the dial, and I’m a big fan of the LCD display on the dash. Bright and easy to read even in full sun. It tells you your fuel level, trip meter, odo, and (the best feature on almost any scoot) a clock. Panel gap and depth of paint colour is second to none, the plastics don’t creak when flexed and they’ve gone to the trouble of fitting real metal barends and proper fold out pillion pegs- a must if you plan to carry a pillion frequently. Your pillion will also appreciate the sturdy alloy backrest incorporated into the rear rack and the premium quality gripper seat cover. And I love the resounding thud the seat makes when you drop it closed- almost like the door on a German made car.

The cast alloy rear rack is one of the best ever platforms for mounting a top box, and yet they have achieved this without making it look like a tradie’s flat tray ute or a postie bike. And just run your fingers around the underside of that rack. No sharp, unfinished edges to snag the unwary. In fact poke your fingers anywhere in and around this scoot, and you’ll soon notice what makes this quality scoot stand out. Thicker panel plastics, paint that covers the entire panel, no nasty edges, and when you start snooping some more, you wont find any poorly finished welds or cheap nuts and bolts under the bodywork. Daelim fit a polished stainless steel muffler shield when everyone else has chrome or plastic and the flat floor is a bonus for those that carry groceries (or Boags). Under the ignition switch there is a (very) small glove compartment, and unlike other glove boxes, this one has a rubber seal to try and keep the contents dry and a power outlet to keep your phone-pod-tom in running order.

On the road, the S1 really does perform like something that should be one or two thousand dollars dearer. They’ve squeezed 13” wheels on the S1 which certainly aren’t in the league of 16” wheels, but are a nicer ride than the 12’s that are fitted to the bulk of this market segment. The directional, Korean made ‘Swallow’ tyres are competent performers with good wet weather traction and the brake feel at the lever is not unlike the premium Euro scoots with braided lines, yet it doesn’t have braided lines. On the S1, the left lever operates both front and rear disc brakes together, although the bias is towards the rear. This is a feature normally reserved for bigger, dearer maxi scoots and certainly adds a level of simplicity to the everyday commute.

Without a doubt, one of the standout features of the S1 is the fuel injection. Nothing comes close to EFI for smoothness, economy and rideability. This super scoot offers consistent performance on the coldest mornings, or the hottest afternoons. And when the afternoon is hot, the S1’s oil cooler (much like a little radiator) keeps the little machine in check. There are more powerful scoots on the market, but they’re also dearer, but with the EFI, you don’t need a heap of revs on to have the S1 pull hard. The S1 is a true 100kph scoot, which is punching well above its weight and it’s price tag. Between the oil cooler, the proper cartridge style oil filter, and the EFI, you can be confident the Daelim will power well beyond the 2 year unlimited km warranty period without hassle, and this is reflected in the complete lack of warranty claims we have had to put through to date. From a servicing point of view, transmission and engine oil drain and fill points are easy to access and oil/air filters and transmission are easily accessed without removing bodywork.

Surely there has to be something I don’t like? Well, yes, there is. The door on the glove box could have been made to be a nicer fit. It’s not bad by any stretch, but they could have spent just a few more minutes getting it right. The battery is wonderfully easy to access under a cover, just under the seat, but this also means it encroaches a little on the storage space. The seat tub will swallow a full face helmet easily enough- even a large Nolan N102, but I’d sooner a harder to access battery, and an even bigger seat tub. The engine oil filler is behind a small panel down near the floor, which means a quick top up at the servo requires a screwdriver and 5 minutes. But in saying that, the sump has a sight glass on the side, which makes it easier than anything else to actually check the oil level. As yet there is no screen available, and if I was to get really pedantic- I’d like a rubber floor mat and a helmet hook or two under the seat.

The Daelim S1 is easily one of the best things out of the Asian region, and they’re certainly not shy in making it clear Honda is fair in their crosshairs. In years gone by, Daelim manufactured Honda motorcycles for the Korean domestic market, until Honda set up their own facility in Korea. As a result, there is possibly no company that better understands the importance of quality in a competitive market and the S1 is a prime example of what the Korean’s can do. Overall, the Daelim S1 is built better than many, goes better than many, looks better than many yet is cheaper than many. Daelim has a very low profile in Australia, which makes it one of the best kept secrets- I like it that way…


  • Handling: 8
  • Performance: 8
  • Quality of Finish: 9
  • Storage Options: 7
  • Dash / Gauges: 8
  • Seating: 9
  • Maintenance: 9
  • Function of Parts: 9
  • Technology , EFI , LC: 9
  • Value for Money: 9

Total:  85/100

Steve Laing - Ace Scooters, Joondalup ,WA

The very first thing that struck me about the Daelim S 125 is just how well put together this vehicle is. The second thing is how much technology is packed away in it.  And the final thing was "How on earth did they manage to do all that AND sell it at that price?" 

Because that is the astonishing part, given all that its going for it, the vehicle price is still under $4k!

So on inspection and on paper its certainly very impressive, but how will it hold up in real life?  Well, I'm glad to say that it doesn't let you down. The quality of the build is realised in the handling being very planted and secure.  The engine has plenty of pop, and is actually very capable of freeway speeds - unusual in a 125cc vehicle.  Straight line braking is also very secure with the linked brakes operated by the left hand, although personally I like my brakes separate, as there are times when you just want to apply a little on the back only - but that might just need a little experimentation to see how to make the most of the set up.

Storage is generous, and with the rack already in place, its easy to stick a fairly big box on the back without screwing up the proportions.  The dash is easy to read and the warning lights are all in the right places.  

Visually the S1 looks very up to date, and there are a few nice touches, like the back rest for the pillion, and the charger point in the glove box.



  • Handling: 8
  • Performance: 9
  • Quality of Finish: 9
  • Storage Options: 8
  • Dash / Gauges: 8
  • Seating: 9
  • Maintenance: 7
  • Function of Parts: 8
  • Technology , EFI , LC: 9
  • Value for Money: 10

Total:  85/100

In summary, the Daelim punches well above its weight.  Not many out there, but those that have them know what a great scooter they've got!

Brendon Watson - Scooter HQ Southport Gold Coast

Ruthlessly efficient, currently the best value for money air cooled 125 on the market.

Daelim S1 125 features the latest technology & brilliant build quality. The S1 feels planted & secure on the road instilling the rider with confidence.

The EFI 4 Valve engine produces good power & excellent torque enabling the S1 to leave just about every other aircooled 125 behind & use less fuel while doing it.

Dislikes - Being very picky here but the indicator lights on the dash under certain sunlight angles are hard to see. Brand awareness, if it was a Honda it would be the number 1 selling 125 in the Country.

Likes - Technology, functionality, ergonomics, fast, good handling, great brakes. S1 hasn't changed in price while its competitors have. Rock solid. 


  • Handling: 10
  • Performance: 10
  • Quality of Finish: 9
  • Storage Options: 9
  • Dash / Gauges: 9
  • Seating: 9
  • Maintenance: 9
  • Function of Parts: 10
  • Technology , EFI , LC: 10
  • Value for Money: 9.5

Total:  94.5/100

published 23/04/2009


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