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Overseas News

"L Series" launched at Milan

The "L series" concept by American company CMSI.

Allen Drysdale

Looking very similar to the Lambretta models of yesteryear the “L series” is actually very new. Using a Piaggio motor it was released recently at the Milan show by American company CMSI.
We hope to have more information soon but for now click on the picture to see it in full.

This from the CMSI inc website

L-Series -  A new Italian heritage brand that is based on the style and influence of the historic scooter line Lambretta by Innocenti, that was born in Italy, along with Vespa, in 1946. This classic style has become an icon in the scootering industry worldwide. The basis for the L-Series line will continue to be the classic Italian "Lambretta Style" with excellent performance. At this time final design work is being completed in Italy and initial production plans are leaning towards Europe and Preston, USA as the preferred sites for final assembly.

The following is a brief history on CMSI who has a number of scooter interests in America.

Company Overview

Over thirteen years of time and effort and more than $12 million has been invested in the establishment of our facilities, technical infra-structure and our nationwide sales and service network. These efforts are the driving force behind Twist N' Go (TNG) Scooters, L-Series scooters and PM Tuning Racing Products, all trademarked brands of CMSI.

CMSI, Inc. is a growing motor sports company with headquarters near Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1993 by Tom Lynott, with initial financing provided by a Seattle investor group headed by one of the industry's top power sports dealers, CMSI has become a leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting affordable, high value motor scooters, motor cycles, ATV's and performance products. The company currently markets a broad range of product brands including Twist N' Go (TNG), L-Series, and PM Tuning Racing Products. Key partnerships include Opti-Lube International, Piaggio, SpA, and Sparta Financial.

CMSI's ability to combine a powerful brand portfolio with efficient manufacturing and quality distribution partners have been key factors in its growth and success. In order to achieve this, the company has spent over $12 million in building its product base and technological, service and marketing infra-structure.

Market penetration and longevity come down to designing and delivering products that are in demand and selecting distribution partners that share the commitment for customer satisfaction. Serious dealers appreciate the approach CMSI takes when it comes to producing quality products and backing them with tireless support. Our dealers also appreciate that CMSI protects their interests with product liability, marketing and technical support and products that meet or exceed US and state Government safety and health regulations.

From headquarters in Preston, WA, CMSI oversees its own manufacturing operations. Engines are made in China by joint venture partners of Honda and Yamaha, as well as other components made in China, Taiwan. Japan, and USA. Final assembly and road testing of each scooter is done in Preston, WA USA. TNG is the ONLY brand on the market that assembles and tests 100% of its scooters in the USA before shipping to dealers. Soon, a motorcycle dynomometer will be added to the end of the line so that individual dyno test print-outs are included with every unit.

In addition to the final assembly and road testing of finished products, the company's R & D prototyping and new model testing functions are managed at Preston, WA. Supporting R & D takes place in Preston, U.K. at Lambretta Labs, Ltd. and Scooter Innovations. Engineering support for Piaggio powered products is provided to CMSI at Piaggio's Pontedera, Italy R & D facility. CMSI also owns R & D facilities and retains engineering staff in Irbit, RF and Shanghai, PRC. In 2005, PM Tuning Racing Products has agreed to optimize the performance of certain CMSI products at its dyno workshops in Lancashire, U.K. With its new dyno, CMSI will accelerate the development of its products to ensure optimum performance and efficiency of its stock vehicles as well as race winning performance on its after market performance products.

In early 2006, CMSI and Alliance Management Partners, LLC, headed by Ed and Laura Lemco, entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement to improve the marketing and management of all CMSI authorized dealerships. Lemco is one of the leading authorities on powersports dealer marketing and management. He owned and operated the famed “Lemco Group” for many years

See more at

published 3/12/2006


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