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Eicma 2009

Vespa S and Vespa S College

The beauty and charm of the legendary sporty “Vespino” which was brought back to life in the ultramodern Vespa S is updated and modernised with the brand-new Vespa S College.


The playing with citations and reminiscences that started with the Vespa S to bring the more youthful and sportier spirit of the scooter par excellence up to date now lives again in the new two-colour versions of the Vespa S. The strictly minimalist look of the Vespa S that is reminiscent of the 1970s models has been modernised and enhanced with liveliness and flair in the College version.

The 1970s went on to become a decade of extraordinary creativity, in all sectors. It is the decade that revolutionised our way of life.
Fashion, design, cinema, and music all played a part in revolutionising once rigid social conventions, awakening an awareness in an extraordinary new element in society: youths. The student protest movements that began in the late 1960s went on to shake Europe to the core.

As always, rather than merely following fashion, Vespa led the way in creating new trends, and explicitly appealed to the younger generation, the real protagonists of those turbulent yet fertile years.

The Vespa Special and Vespa Primavera became the two-wheeled icons of a generation whose aspirations and conquests were to shape the world for decades to come. Compact, nippy, dynamic, and with a clear sports character, these were the models that inspired so many young people as they burst on to an exciting social scene.

Vespa S has been conceived around the same values of those legendary models, values that meant more than just engineering, confirming the unbroken link between Vespa and the younger generations.

The style of the Vespa S

Sportiness and energy are the features that give life to the entire Vespa S range. The lines are clean and essential. The Vespa S is a minimalist version of the legendary model and proof that the young spirit of Vespa is still alive. The College accentuates the freshness and genuineness of the Vespa S; the Vespa S College is conceived to celebrate the vitality and energy of an object that has become a design icon, topical and fashionable today just like it has been throughout the decades.

The handlebar fairing on the Vespa S houses a rectangular headlight: This is an explicit reference to the extraordinary 50 Special, a teen icon from the fabulous Seventies. The brand-new College version exalts the simplicity of the headlight assembly by framing it within a transparent top fairing that not only embellishes the front of the vehicle, but also guarantees better protection for the rider. The front cowl on both versions - as true in the history of the most legendary models - is highly emphasised and houses a chromed ornament that goes down the entire leg shield and ends with a wide-slot grille that gives a touch of aggressiveness to the entire vehicle.

The most distinctive element of the whole new design is the front shield. Its two-dimensional structure cites the hallmark formal purity of the Vespa. The shield’s uncluttered surface is fundamental and its simplicity and minimal thickness powerful design features.

The front mudguard, pared down to a minimum to reveal the suspension layout, also boasts a stylish chrome accent for an even sleeker look, while its minimal dimensions leave the wheel and light alloy rim in full view in a tribute to the performance and high-tech design of the Vespa S.

It is precisely starting with the mudguard that the youthful and spirited distinctiveness of the Vespa S College is articulated: A colourful strip ornament starts from the part closest to the front mudguard body and continues all the way along the lower part of the body to the tail to give the Vespa S a touch of freshness, lightness and liveliness.

Verve and sportiness exalt the new Vespa S College. Colour dominates the entire vehicle, which is simple and linear on the sides but fills and inundates the Vespa S College on its footrest platform, the entire leg shield back plate and even the inside of the handlebar.
The seat is typically in the style of the ‘70s. Two versions are available: “sport”, the standard version which enhances dynamism, and “touring” for the 125 ie and 150 ie, which provides comfort and convenience. The two seats, available as spare parts, can be mounted on all Vespa S variants.

The seat on the Vespa S College (both the Sport and Touring versions) is colourful and takes up again the graphics on the side to follow the dominant hue. All of the various versions are finished using premium materials and are embellished with white piping that emphasises the shape.

At the rear of the Vespa S is a taillight created specifically for this version, contributing to creating a simple, sleek look and further underscoring the dynamism of this sporty model.

With its minimalist but decisive styling, simple yet elegant design, the Vespa S features the same dynamism and freshness that made the Vespa the favourite scooter of young people in the roaring seventies.


Body and chassis architecture: the uniqueness of Vespa

In keeping with Vespa tradition, the sheet steel body is also a load bearing element. In addition to superior strength, this design also ensures exceptional rigidity, translating to excellent road holding and precision control.

The front suspension, with a dual action hydraulic shock absorber, stands out for its aeronautically derived single sided link arm layout. This is one of the most original of all Vespa traits, and a technical solution that has evolved continuously since the very first Vespa. The link arm on the Vespa S pivots on roller cage bearings for minimum friction.

The Vespa S has rear suspension with a dual action hydraulic monoshock absorber which, on the 125 and 150 i.e. versions, features adjustable preload with four different positions for maximum comfort for both rider and passenger.

The 11” front wheel gives the Vespa S great stability, inspiring the rider with a feeling of confidence and control. The tubeless tyres measure 110/70 at the front and 120/70 on the 10” rear wheel. The braking system comprises the classic combination of disc and drum. The 200 mm stainless steel front disc brake has a two piston calliper and a 110 mm rear drum. The 8 litre plus fuel tank fits into the body without reducing the under seat space and allows easy access to the engine area.

Engines: a complete range.

Vespa S is available with a choice of four engines: 150 cc 4 stroke, 125 cc 4 stroke, both with electronic injection, 50 cc 2 stroke and 50 cc 4 stroke, 4 valves.

The jewel in the crown of the range is the little 4 valve powerplant. The new four valve, four stroke 50 cc rediscovers the magic of a legendary engine size in the history of the Vespa. With new 4 valve timing, this brand new and feisty little powerplant has nothing to envy of its two-stroke counterparts (at 4.35 hp it is the most powerful 50 cc four-stroke on the market), yet its consumption and emission figures remain those of a typical four stroke.
The new engine is a little jewel of technology: the 4 valves have increased power by over 23% compared with the previous 2 valve configuration (4.35 hp against 3.53 hp), matching the output of a high performance 50 cc two-stroke.

The valve clearance adjustment mechanism has been made lighter to achieve less inertia and a more efficient rocker/valve action: the result is higher engine speeds and more power. Improved through-flow, also the result of the timing system, means optimised combustion, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

The new engine delivers fuel consumption figures (ECE 47 cycle) identical to those of the extremely parsimonious 2 valve four-stroke, and significantly better than those of the two-stroke version (36% less).

The new engine was designed, developed and industrialised at Piaggio’s headquarters in Pontedera, one of the world’s most important centres for engine R&D. Piaggio is determined to offer today’s ever more sophisticated customers performance, reliability and safety, and respect for the environment, too.

For those who simply do not want to lose out on the fun of a 2-stroke, Vespa S is also available as a 50 cc 2-stroke - a powerful, uncomplicated and youthful powerplant whose proverbial tractability makes it the ideal choice for the stop and go riding of city traffic.

Vespa S 125 i.e. reinvents one of the most iconic of all Vespa engine sizes: powered by a modern and ecological four stroke electronic injection engine, the 125 variant offers outstanding performance and low running costs. Also the Vespa S 125 ie in the S College version is responsive and agile, not just during everyday use around town but also for medium range journeys, where it offers the perfect combination of enjoyment and safety. The Vespa S's performance considerably improves with the electronic injection single cylinder, air-cooled, 4 stroke and 2 valve engine: both power and torque are up, and are now available at lower engine speeds.

With its powerful engine, the Vespa S 150 ie makes itself appreciated not only for daily commuting, but also for longer journeys as it can travel down ring roads, clearways and stretches of toll motorways: Maximum power of over 12 HP and a maximum torque of 11.8 Nm at 6,250 rpm mean quick, safe overtaking and a satisfying, easy ride even with a passenger.

On top of all this, the use of fuel injection reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Vespa further strengthens its image as the definitive urban scooter by improving its environmental credentials.



published 11/11/2009

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