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Eicma 2009

Vespa LX and LX Touring

And the timeless style of Vespa LX now is complete with comfort and originality: the Touring version is born.

Piaggio Press

Pure Italian style in a steel body small in size and boasting elegant lines: it is Vespa LX, the magnificent heir of a history unique in the world, a modern and undisputed champion on the metropolitan scene.

Vespa LX Touring gives the nod to the thousands of equipped Vespas that have travelled the world's streets carrying entire generations on their outings, and marking the history of transport and custom.

Vespa LX Touring presents itself as a modern scooter with a style ready in one moment to tackle the longest routes and in another to elegantly whiz along city streets.

Vespa LX Touring was designed inspired by Vespa's many possibilities for personalisation. In the only dedicated shade, “Terra di Toscana” Brown, the new special Vespa series flaunts its spirit of being a great traveller: the standard chrome-plated carriers embellish the rigid and compact body on both the front and back and considerably increase the vehicle's capacity; the rounded and transparent windshield envelops Vespa's eye to give it another touch of elegance and augment the rider's level of protection. Vespa Touring comes standard with the easy and agile side kickstand, the most convenient solution for parking.

The seat, made of latest generation materials, is dark brown so that the elegance of Vespa is exalted even more.

What highlights the classic style of this evergreen legend the most, and that above all praises Vespa's compactness, is the colour of the side plastic components that wrap around the lower part of the vehicle and that match the body.

The “Touring” nameplate that stands out on the leg shield back plate of the vehicle, on the side of the storage compartment, identifies the new Vespa LX and accentuates its sophistication and elegance.

Vespa LX, classic as ever

Ever since it first appeared in 1946, the Vespa has escaped stereotyping of any kind.  The Vespa started the scooter phenomenon and went on to sell over 17 million units in five continents. Its design and technical content have evolved continuously over the years, while always remaining faithful to the original spirit of the Vespa as a vehicle that is easy to use and accessible to all, but with inimitable class.

Vespa LX is a range packed with versions and engine sizes: the 50 cc
2-stroke is youthful and snappy, a classic in the Vespa range; the technologically advanced 50 4-stroke, 4-valve is thrifty on consumption, eco-friendly and lively at the same time; those over 50 cc are equipped with electronic injection and both the 125 ie and the 150 ie are designed with special attention devoted to the environment: lower consumption, smoother gearshifting and greater driving pleasure.


The unmistakable taut lines of the Vespa, clear cut edges and a few distinctive touches to refresh the design emphasise the modernity of an extraordinarily contemporary concept, citing timeless forms which come together with the compactness of the all-steel body to provide a protective though exceptionally agile Vespa.

In its simplicity of elegant lines, Vespa LX brings back the strong points that made Vespa one of the world's most famous objects: stylish design, absolute comfort, solidity, optimal performance in town use and twist-and-go ease of use.

The body is made entirely from steel. This unique characteristic sets the Vespa LX in a class of its own, apart from any other scooter in production today. Its pressed steel body ensures otherwise unique rigidity and driving precision. The plastic components on the side, now painted the same colour as the body on all engine sizes, emphasise the Vespa LX's concept of sturdiness and compactness while at the same time giving it more style and sophistication.

Vespa LX recaptures and adopts as its own the aesthetic themes dictated by highly modern lines characteristic of the Vespa's more classic style, but is distinguished by elements that enrich the class and stress its affiliation with the brand.

The round headlight is a clear reference to the history of the Vespa. The mirrors on the handlebar are made of chromed steel.  The large instrument panel, with its contrasting light coloured background, features easy to read graphics with a classic look and boasts a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, digital clock and a comprehensive set of telltale lights for: turn indicators, low and high beam headlights, fuel reserve, oil level (for over 50 cc variants) and lubricant tank level (for 50 cc 2-stroke version with automatic mixer). The antitheft LED is standard on the 125 i.e and 150 i.e. versions.

The broad and protective front leg shield is swept back from the centre and features a cowl that continues all the way down to the horn. One element peculiar to the Vespa LX is the front cowl that rests on the shield; it is an explicit reference to the models of the past, and houses the chrome grille that conceals the horn. The turn indicators, with their elegant clear lenses, feature a design with a sharp outline and are also larger, for improved visibility. The decidedly square front mudguard flows smoothly into the refreshed forms of the front leg shield, enveloping the aluminium alloy 11” wheel rim with its elegant five-spoke design. The new chromed moulding on the mudguard not only lends a dynamic accent to the front of the vehicle, but is also an unequivocal reference to a distinctive trait of the historical models.

The chrome accents at the front of the vehicle are echoed in the chromed license plate light cover at the rear.

The glove compartment incorporated in the leg shield back plate is ideal for carrying small everyday ideal objects such as glasses, gloves or mobile phone. The under-seat storage area, designed to carry items in complete safely, holds a helmet.

Clever proportions are a Vespa trademark. The wide, flat footrest platform makes for very comfortable riding, continues the visual flow of the front to join it to the even more geometrically shaped and pronounced cowls. This is another detail citing earlier Vespas. The cowls bear the classic Vespa logo and the model name and taper away to the flush-fit, clear-lensed turn indicators. The tail of the Vespa LX boasts bold forms, visually emphasising the solidity of the only all-steel scooter on the market, and hosts a taillight citing the typical protruding style of 1970s Vespas.

The wide, moulded saddle is designed and built to comfortably host both rider - the Vespa LX continues in the Vespa tradition of outstanding ergonomics - and passenger. The passenger grab handle is made from steel, with a chrome plated rear section, in a perfect fusion of function and style. The saddle features stitching that extols its configuration, to the full benefit of ergonomics. A saddle height of just 775 mm (785 mm on the 125 i.e. and 150 i.e.) ensures perfect vehicle control for riders of any stature. Even the position of the saddle lock, affording access to the helmet compartment, has been defined with optimum ergonomics in mind: the lock is located on the left hand side of the saddle - the side that most people use to dismount their scooter. There is a bag hook on the front of the saddle, for securing handbags or sports bags placed on the footrest platform.

The design of the hand grips is also new, which now feature the Vespa logo and are trimmed with elegant chrome on the innermost side.


One of the most unique characteristics of the Vespa is the all-steel body that acts as a load bearing element of the chassis. The LX uses avant-garde manufacturing technology to keep the Vespa steel body tradition alive.
In addition to superior strength, this design also ensures exceptional rigidity, translating to excellent road holding and precision control.

The front suspension, with a dual action hydraulic shock absorber, stands out for its aeronautically derived single sided link arm layout. This is one of the most original of all Vespa traits, a technical solution that has evolved continuously since the very first Vespa model in 1946. On the Vespa LX, the link arm pivots on roller bearings to reduce wear and tear.

The Vespa LX has rear suspension with a dual action hydraulic monoshock which, on the 125 and 150 cc versions, features adjustable preload with four different positions for maximum comfort for both rider and passenger.

The wheel rims boast an elegant five-spoke design, while the front wheel is 11” in diameter, enhancing stability and offering a clear sensation of safety. The tubeless tyres measure 110/70 at the front and 120/70 on the 10” rear wheel.

The brakes are a classic disc-drum combination. The 200 mm stainless steel hydraulic front disc brake boasts a calliper with two horizontally opposed pistons for instant, safe braking backed up by the powerful 110 mm diameter mechanical rear drum brake, which is easily modulable even for novice riders.

The fuel tank fits into the body without reducing the helmet compartment space and allows easy, tool-free access to the engine area.


The Vespa LX engine range, designed and produced entirely by Piaggio, is created to cater for the differing needs of primarily urban mobility.

The engines in the Vespa LX range are fully compliant with emissions regulations. This is not only a result of state of art engine design, but also thanks to the use of catalytic converters and the advanced SAS secondary air system.

Equipped with extremely modern engines from 50 to 150 cc in two and four stroke versions, the Vespa LX and Vespa LX Touring guarantee sparkling performance and agile manoeuvring in town traffic as well as a safe, entertaining mid-range ride.The use of optimised engine parts reduces both the amount of maintenance work and the need for servicing.

The 50 cc 2 stroke Hi-Per2 has been created mainly for younger users who want an uncomplicated but powerful engine. Its proverbial tractability makes it ideal for stop-start city riding.

The 50 cc, four-stroke, four-valve is sparkling and responsive (with 4.35 HP, it is the most powerful 50 cc 4 stroke on the market) and thanks to the adoption of the new 4-valve timing system, boasts absolutely advanced consumption and emission levels.

The 125 and 150 cc engines of the Vespa LX and Vespa LX Touring are fitted with a new, technological electronic injection system.  With the electronic injection system ensuring that the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber is optimised at all times, the single cylinder unit now picks up more smoothly and progressively from lower engine speeds. The most obvious result for the driver is increased flexibility when riding.

The 125 cc is a classic Vespa engine capacity and the first 125 cc Vespa goes back to 1948 — the famous model used in the cult film Roman Holiday. Sixty-one years later Vespa LX 125 ie is equipped with an extremely modern 4 stroke, electronic injection engine that despite its 10.7 HP boasts incredibly low emissions and bears out its mission of being a city scooter with improved environmental friendly features.

The 150 i.e.tops the Vespa LX engine range. Its 12.1 HP makes medium-range journeys totally safe and easy, also because it can travel down toll motorways, dual carriageways and motorways. By adopting electronic injection, the sturdy and reliable 4-stroke, 2-valve, air-cooled engines further improve performance: both power and torque are up, and are now available at lower engine speeds. At the same time consumption and polluting emissions are further reduced.

All the engines available for the Vespa LX and Vespa Touring, and indeed for the whole Vespa family, are the result of the Piaggio Group's commitment to offer an increasingly discerning clientele products that deliver performance, reliability and safety, but also the peace of mind of using a vehicle that respects the environment.

Of the Piaggio Group facilities, the Pontedera plant is one of the most important and advanced research, development and manufacturing centres in the automotive industry anywhere.


published 12/11/2009

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