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Eicma 2009

Scarabeo 50 Street, 50 4T and 100

The great classic. Ever new but always faithful to itself. Scarabeo 50 is the entry level model to the Scarabeo range. Elegant, unique and unmistakable. Scarabeo 100 has all of the qualities of a modern high-wheeled vehicle, flexible like a 50 but with performance approaching that of a 125.



The Scarabeo was created in 1993 as a vehicle destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of high-wheeled scooters. The technologically advanced scooter is clad in a timeless elegance, with a chassis offering superlative safety. The result was a resounding success which continues to this day thanks to the remarkable ability of this scooter to transcend fads and fashions while remaining the benchmark for the segment.

Scarabeo Street is the entry level model to the great Scarabeo family, the most youthful Scarabeo of all, with its minimalist, pure design and two stroke engine. It is also the most affordable Scarabeo, in spite of its competitive levels of standard equipment.

SCARABEO 50 (4 Stroke)

Scarabeo became an instant classic, a one of a kind product that has evolved to keep ahead of its rivals while remaining true to itself. New technologies have made the engines increasingly cleaner and more efficient over the years. The Scarabeo 50 family is constantly evolving and now a highly evolved four stroke, four valve engine representing the state of the art for the small scooter engines has arrived.

The engine

Scarabeo 50 4 Valve has an all-new heart technological, powerful and refined. This tiny engineering gem employs state of the art solutions to deliver class leading power. At 3.2 kW (4.35 bhp), it is the most powerful 50 cc 4 stroke on the market. Four valve timing and the fluid dynamic efficiency of the head have brought incredible benefits in terms of engine speed and performance, which are now on a par with a two stroke engine. At just 43.5 km/litre, this engine matches the already excellent fuel consumption of the 2 valve 4 stroke unit, and uses significantly less fuel than a 2 stroke.


The design of the Scarabeo Street is an ageless classic that has proven immune to the passage of time. Over the years, just a few, skilfully measured touches have kept the design fresh, as there is no need to improve on perfection.

The Scarabeo 50 Street is presented again in 2010 with a few details that make its style even more unique. The updated graphics of the instrument panel and the grille of the shield that displays the revised and embellished logo become distinguishing elements of the 2010 model.
The Scarabeo 50 Street now introduces the dual rear view mirror and convenient standard top fairing.

With the changes in appearance introduced to it, the Scarabeo Street maintains an undeniable link with the first Scarabeo while at the same time becoming even more beautiful and elegant. Unmistakable and instantly recognisable, Scarabeo Street boasts totally contemporary features yet maintains the unique traits that made it the world's best known and most imitated high-wheeled scooter.


An entry level model with luxury details: Nothing but the best will do for the Scarabeo Street in terms of the materials and technology implemented for the chassis. With its sturdy reinforced frame in high strength steel tubing, even the entry level Scarabeo Street offers class leading agility and unrivalled stability.

The frame is coupled with superior quality suspension components, for tackling even the worst city street with ease. The telescopic hydraulic front fork with 28 mm stanchions boasts a stroke of a good 78 millimetres. Its rear suspension is equipped with a solid adjustable hydraulic shock absorber with a 74 mm stroke.

The ultra-light wheels offer minimal inertial resistance to directional changes for improved manoeuvrability and riding pleasure. The braking system ensures absolute safety in all conditions. The 220 mm front disc brake adopts a floating calliper (30 mm), while the rear drum brake has a large diameter: measuring 140 mm, for precise, controllable braking in all situations.


Scarabeo 50 4 Valve offers class leading levels of equipment and does everything possible to facilitate the life of its user, With features such as an extra long and well padded saddle, an automatic starter and a fuel tank with a generous 7 litre capacity which, together with the reduced consumption of the new 4 Valve engine, offers an incredible range. Behind the leg shield is a small compartment for carrying vital necessities. Contributing significantly to safety is the outstanding visibility offered by the high output motorcycle-type polyfocal headlamp with clear lens. The instrument panel features a comprehensive array of instruments and indicators.


Essential, reassuring lines that never go out of fashion, incredible rideability, flat footrest, a vehicle with an unmatched quality/price/performance ratio. Scarabeo 100 is the perfect addition to the Scarabeo family, another unbeatable product obtained from a recipe for success that boasts endless attempts to copy it.

The Scarabeo 100 4s is the Scarabeo for anyone who wants something extra in terms of performance. As compact as a 50 cc with performance almost like that of a 125, it gives you extra power to accelerate away from traffic lights and take trips out of town even in tandem.


Unmistakable from the very first glance, the Scarabeo 100 has many modern features while at the same time maintaining the unique characteristics which have made the large-wheel scooter so famous and given rise to so many imitations. Its design has been skilfully reviewed during the course of its development which began back in 1993, and today is a perfect mix of classical lines and hi-tech elements which make it unique in its category. This is true of the LED rear light unit, elegant and safe with the brighter beam of light it produces, the turn indicators with white glass and satin finish stems, the redesigned instrument panel and refined alloy rims that maintain a family feeling with the original models but are lighter in weight.


Thanks to a robust tubular frame in high strength steel, the Scarabeo 100 offers pace-setting manoeuvrability and unparalleled stability.
With a travel of 78 millimetres, the telescopic hydraulic fork is able to make even the bumpiest of road surfaces smooth. On the Scarabeo, comfort and precision come together in perfect harmony. This is also thanks to the rear suspension with a robust, adjustable hydraulic shock absorber with 81.5 mm of travel. With their reduced steering inertia, the extremely light rims optimise handling. The braking system ensures absolute safety in all conditions. The 220 mm front disc brake adopts a floating calliper with a 30 mm piston, while the rear drum brake has a large diameter: measuring 140 mm, for precise, controllable braking in all situations.

The engine

The Scarabeo 100 engine has become a classic in the world production of scooters. A horizontal single-cylinder 96.2 cc four stroke with forced air cooling and a two-valve timing system and a power that offers fuel consumption similar to that of a 50 cc but the performance of a 125, make this engine particularly interesting for anyone who wants “something extra” without having to look for a bigger engine, with increased weight and running costs.


The new long saddle makes the vehicle even more comfortable. The handles incorporated in the rear luggage rack give passengers a comfortable and safe grip and make it easy to lift the Scarabeo onto its stand for parking. Scarabeo is equipped with everything that makes everyday life in the city easier: it has an automatic starter and the fuel tank holds 8 litres, for excellent autonomy avoiding frequent refuelling. The leg shield compartment is big enough to hold all the items you need close at hand. The clear glass, polyfocal, motorcycle style headlight projects an intense light beam, with dipped and high-beam positions. The instrument panel has new graphics and guarantees full, instantly readable information: the instrument panel offers optimum visibility in all conditions, especially at night, when the special backlighting makes all indications easy to read. Instruments and warning lights mean that you are in full control at all times.
The Scarabeo 100 offers a spacious top box as standard which is big enough to hold a jet helmet.


The Scarabeo is not just a scooter, it's a lifestyle: the Scarabeo is easy to customise with its vast catalogue of dedicated accessories. And there's more - with a range of dedicated garments and helmets letting you live in Scarabeo style even when you're not in the saddle.

Technical specifications:


Engine type    Single-cylinder, two stroke
Engine capacity    49.4
Carburettor    Dell’Orto 17.5 mm
Ignition    Electronic
Start up    Electrical and kick starter
Lubrication    Separate mixer with mechanical Pump
Gearbox    Automatic CVT
Chassis type    Tubular steel frame with single front beam and double rear cradle
Front suspension    Telescopic hydraulic fork with 28 mm stanchions, wheel travel 78 mm
Rear suspension    Hydraulic monoshock absorber pivoted on engine-transmission unit, wheel travel 74 mm
Front brake    220mm disc Rear brake    140mm drum
Wheel rims    5-spoke alloy wheels
Tyres    Front 80/80-16", Rear 90/80-16" 52 M
Fuel tank capacity 7.5 litres (including 2 litre reserve)


Engine     Single cylinder 4 stroke, Single overhead camshaft, 4 valves, Euro 2
Engine capacity     49.9cc
Maximum power at crankshaft     3.2 kW at 8,250 rpm
Starter     Electrical and kick starter
Ignition     Electronic inductive ignition with variable advance
Induction and fuel system     20mm Ø carburettor
Transmission     Automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Chassis     Single cradle frame in high strength steel
Front suspension     Telescopic hydraulic fork with conventional stanchions. Stanchion diameter 25 mm, wheel travel 78 mm.
Rear suspension     Single shock absorber on left hand side, wheel travel 81,5 mm.
Front brake     Single Ø220 mm disc and floating calliper with Ø30 piston Rear brake 140 Ø drum
Front wheel rim 5 spoke cast light alloy wheel, 1.60”x16“
Rear wheel rim     5 spoke cast light alloy wheel, 1.85”x16“
Front tyre     tubeless 80-80/16” Rear tyre tubeless 90-80/16”
Fuel tank capacity 7 litres including 1 litre riserve


Engine 4 stroke single-cylinder horizontal air-cooled with catalytic converter with secondary air injection
Engine capacity     96.2 cc
Starter    Electrical and kick starter
Transmission    Ventilated automatic CVT
Chassis    split single beam with double cradle in high-strength steel
Front suspension hydraulic telescopic fork, travel 78 mm.
Rear suspension    hydraulic single shock absorber, travel 81,5 mm
Brakes    front 220 diam. stainless steel disc with floating calliper with 30 mm diameter piston; rear 140 mm single-cam drum
Wheels    light alloy, 5 spokes, front 1.60 x 16", rear 1,85 x 16"
Tyres    front 80-80/16 46M, rear 90-80/16 52 m tubeless
Fuel tank capacity    8 litres (1 litre reserve)

published 12/11/2009


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