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Scooter News

Vespa GTS 300 Super Review

Its back, the Vespa GTS 300 Super. We've had a few short sojourns but this time its for real. One hundred picture photo gallery!

Allen Drysdale



We've been here before I know. has reviewed the GTS 300 a couple of times now but its one of those scooters you just don't mind "doing one more time". Actually ever since the GTS 300 left the garage I've continuously hinted for a return visit. So now we're lucky enough to have the Super for an extended period. How lucky are we? Read On........



The GTS 300 Super (Super) in my mind is the king of scooters. Its not the most powerful, nor is it the largest, but it does have some credentials to be touted as maybe the best city commuter on the market today.

You see the Super, like all Vespa's, runs an all metal body that acts like a stiff rigid chassis. All one piece, front to back, uniquely Vespa. You just cant compare it to anything else on the market. This is Vespa only territory and something that Piaggio has been perfecting for over 60 years. The consequence that this has on handling and dynamics, places the Vespa family firmly at the top of most scooter arguments.

The Super has been born from the GTS family. Upgrades on the Super mainly stemmed around a revised suspension and engine package. From the GTS 250 we saw a different front shock, different spring rates. Rear suspension duties are still performed by two adjustable shocks. Other features on the Super include the mouth watering 278 cc Quasar engine rated at a handy 23 Kilowatts. The Super also received a tweak in both gearing and torque, providing a heap more low down grunt.

The rest has been well documented. The GTS 300 comes in for a cosmetic overhaul. Touches of chrome, a rear side panel cut out and black wheels with polished rims. All helping set the theme for what is the sportiest of Vespa's. A black faced speedo, another cosmetic change, helps tell speed, fuel, temp and time. The front headlight is tinted, again small but noticeable. An immobiliser ensures the Super remains yours.

A glovebox allows you to lock away smaller valuables or loose change, a 12 Volt charger would make a nice addition. Other storage features comes in the form of a long pull out storage bin under the long flat seat. The seat opens via an electric push button up front near the ignition key. Great thing about the storage bin is that it removes easily, allowing access to the engine, also handy for a clean out. One minus is that the bin wont hold a full face helmet standing upright. There is two helmet hooks if required. A raised floor area and bag hook will allow for additional storage.

The passenger sits comfortable up back with flip out footpegs that fold out nicely, tucking away inside the body when not in use.

On the Road

A clear winner in my opinion. The GTS 300 feels short in the wheelbase and very direct in the steering department. You can be caught out initially with just how quick the GTS will adjust to your input. Twist the throttle and power comes on immediately and in major doses. So combine great turn in with ample power and you have yourself an inner-city weapon. In the traffic light GP stakes it would be hard to see most things beating the Super to the other side. This continues quickly all the way to 100 km/h and beyond. If your doubling I suggest you give the pillion a heads up on when your about to give the Super a handful.

The seating position is typically 'Vespa Upright". The wide seat will mean that even at an average height of just under 6 foot, you may still find it tough to get both feet flat on the ground. No issue, due to the Super's compact size, it will still be a pretty easy manage. The pillion gets a comfortable seating position with flip out footpegs. Performance seems unimpeded by adding a pillion.  

Shocks on the back are adjustable if required. The single shock at the front has the Super Sport touch, a taught, firm yet compliant feel. Very sporty in the suspension department yet the perfect partner for that one piece metal body.  Dynamically speaking, the Super is very befitting of the badge.

All the switchgear is very simple to use and quality in feel. The Vespa also comes equipped with both side and centre stands. The 12 inch wheel package may seem small on paper given ones performance, but as per all vespa's disregard the wheel size, its all about the chassis. Front and rear discs adorn the Super. Italians do good brakes and the Super is no exception. I found myself just using two fingers on the rear brake, its more then enough to haul up the Super.

My suggestion would be to add a flyscreen to the package from the get-go. Performance will be enhanced, the comfort factor increased significantly and your highway cruise will become effortless. With something this capable a flyscreen will be the best "bang for your buck" dollar spend. Forget any other kind of performance mods, there not required,  just get a screen and complete the picture.


The "Scooterman" Says,

This is a ripper of a scooter that just wants to go fast. Mighty torque, excellent suspension, quality build, this is about as good as it gets.

For city riding it is ideal. Next to nothing will beat this scooter off the lights, its small enough to filter through gridlock and how well it accelerates up big hills is beyond description.

As a Vespa connoisseur I was very impressed with the GTS 300 Super.

It is really the cats whiskers!

Petrol consumption was high, about 24k/l, (the 250 gets 30k/l,) but that could have something to do with the way I was riding. The 300 just wants to be raced. Very nice scooter!

With a scooter like the Super its all going to come down to how many dollars you have in the kitty. In my eyes the GTS 300 Super is worth every cent of the 10 grand "on road" asking price. Its a scooter that will challenge the way you ride, will inject a level of enthusiasm and feel into your daily commute. Its impeccable dynamics  and willing motor will ensure that boredom takes a back seat, actually it could never be an associated search term.

I know its all pretty glowing and when you get into this premium sector it can be pretty subjective. The Super can be found wanting in the depth of storage, and feature wise you might feel it lacks the gadgets. Storage can be fixed with an optional box, gadgets well who cares, this is the Ferrari of scooters.   

Around the city, it's hard to beat, on the freeway just add a small screen to the package, and away you go. You have to love the raw basic feel that the Super evokes. I haven't even started on the heritage value.

Top marks go to the Super, its one of my favourite rides on two wheels. Good resale is another benefit of shelling out a little more first up. Give it a go, once you own such a capable scooter you wont be looking elsewhere, happiness will prevail.

For further information check out

Available in Black, Red and White. RRP $8990 + ORC  







published 12/07/2010

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