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Scooter News

2014 Vespa 946 Bellissima

This years version of the 946 was released recently in Italy. The 946 Bellissima will arrive in Australia this December.

Vespa Italy

Vespa Bellissima 946

The new 946 arrives this December. Last year it was the 946 Ricordo Italiano, this year it’s the 946 Bellissima.

What’s new for 2014? The 155 cc, 3 valve engine will be introduced and the rear rack will now come standard. Colour options also get an update, Grey and Blue signify the change in model year. 

The 946 is the complete showcase of Vespa technology. Anti Skid Reduction(ASR), disc brakes featuring ABS and the 946 will integrate Vespa’s Multimedia Platform(VMP). The dash is all digital and there are quality materials used throughout.

Vespa Australia will be releasing 40 units only into the country and pricing is yet to be confirmed but we’d be thinking somewhere around $12,990.

For further details and to get your name on one of the 40 units arriving, see your local dealer. Also, for further information, we’ve included the official Vespa Italy Eicma press release and photo gallery below.


Vespa Official Press Release - BELLISSIMA VESPA 946, 2014 COLLECTION

Vespa 946, the model of extraordinary exclusivity which has already become legend, presents Bellissima, the outstanding Collection 2014.
Two new colours, Grey and Blue mark the new collection as well as the strict colours Black and White - now off list and delivered to the Vespa history - marked the production in 2013.

The 2014 Collection pays homage to the highest levels of Vespa tradition and Italian design with elegant shades of silvery grey and blue. Timeless colours that perfectly interpret the bold and modern lines of the Vespa 946.

Vespa has always been able to go beyond its initial function in the decades to become a unique point of view to interpret the changes in our society, accompanying the most profound social changes. The arrival of two colours so elegant on that masterpiece of engineering and high-level manufacturing that is Vespa 946 means recovery values ​​of classicism that are inherently linked to the history of the Vespa brand.

The new collection is distinguished by the elegant new black aluminium alloy wheel rims and by the new design of the LED turn indicators, style details that distinguish the new series of the Vespa 946. The seat also changes taking on a smaller form than that seen on the first collection of Vespa 946. In this case as well it serves as reminder and complete reinterpretation of a distinctive sign of Vespa. The bold structure, made of aluminium, which caused a sensation in the first collection of Vespa 946 is confirmed in its design but reduces its size to accommodate a reduced seat that further enhances the stunning lines of the 946.


Vespa 946 continues the legacy of a humanistic approach to design, in which the human figure is at the same time creator and focus of the creative idea.

An orientation to the definition of a unique object that comes from the Italian tradition of design, technique and precious workmanship.

Conceived as a precious work of Renaissance art, but made ​​with the best technologies of the XXI century, the Vespa 946 is designed on a human scale.

The attention to fuel economy and emissions reduction, the fully digital instrumentation, a beating heart and modern technology, perfect to cover the distances and cross the city, match to the finest materials in a masterful build quality so as to make it a unique design not only in the history of the Vespa but throughout the world of two-wheeled motor vehicles.


In almost seventy years of history, and after more than 18 million units sold worldwide, Vespa has managed to unite youths of distant and different cultures through a single passion. First truly global brand of mobility Vespa has interacted with social environments distant from each other, creating different cultural phenomena, characteristics of the reality in which it has been able to immerse itself to take on the role of distinctive protagonist. It has accompanied revolutions of customs, music and youths. It has stood at the side of human advancement. It made them soar during periods of economic prosperity. And today it stands as one of the most renown Italian products sold around the world.


The legendary silhouette of the Vespa has become part of design history. A few brilliant strokes of the pen gave birth to a symbol of Italian creativity and started an unbroken history of extraordinary success. A modern epic in which the main characters are fun and the freedom of movement, with unmistakable style, on every street around the world.

A look at the 946 brings to mind the creativity and ingenuity that gave rise to the original Vespa. Behind the breathtaking lines of the first scooter with its monocoque body, advanced technology today is designed to make progress in a user and eco friendly view. As the MP6 prototype which serves as inspiration, the Vespa 946 seems to come directly from the best technology of its time.

The concepts that inspired the sharpness of the forms of that distant prototype have been embraced and accentuated due to the possibilities that, nearly seventy years later, are now possible thanks to the most modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

The completely open back of the Vespa 946 is accentuated by the elegant and bold solution of the suspended saddle. Only sophisticated aluminium die casting can support it, whilst maintaining a light appearance that never fails to please.

The Piaggio Style Centre has performed important and innovative work on surfaces and sections with bold signs in mind, without betraying the softness of lines that every Vespa must have, to capture the eye in an alternation of concave and convex forms, which extend the general line giving new dynamism and modern appeal to the 946. Marked by lateral slits, the bare bodyshell has a vaguely biomorphic and futuristic shape.

The 2014 Collection of Vespa 946 will feature a body only in tints of Blue, with seat and details of Black and Grey with Red seat and handlebars. Thus, as is tradition, it is a collection destined to go out of production within the end of the year so as to make all units of the Vespa 946 made ​​in 2014 authentic pieces that are both unique and unrepeatable.

As always in the history of the Vespa, the body is a steel frame - now enhanced by the aluminium parts among which the fender and side covers - which also has a supporting function that houses and supports the engine, transmission and all the mechanical parts.

Vespa 946 distils and condenses the best characteristics of Vespas which over the decades have preceded it, admirably entwining the best of the features of the various Vespa families.

The front mudguard, fully in aluminium, covers with the usual elegance the 12 inch wheel. The same size as the rear wheel. The new Collection now features all new separable aluminium alloy wheel rims. The braking system, in search of maximum safety, is double disc and comes complete with two-channel ABS system controlled by a control unit with dedicated software.


Details such as the handlebars that feature sewn trim with needle and thread, aluminium parts fitted manually, one by one in monocoque steel body, a dedicated production line, more like an haute couture atelier than a production line make this Collection stand out. Vespa 946 is built by human skill, piece by piece, carefully crafted with glorification of manual labour as the most valuable Italian manufactured crafts.

The section where the Vespa 946 is assembled is completely new, modern and features cutting-edge technology. The assembly line is unique, specifically designed and created for this milestone in the history of the Vespa, and offers a wonderful melange between the most advanced manufacturing technology and processing accuracy of craftsmanship.


The suspension compartment of the Vespa 946 uses the traditional front swinging arm, one of the stylistic features of the Vespa since it first started production, while the rear suspension is distinguished by the use of an innovative solution. In fact, for the first time in the history of Vespa, the suspension consists of a gas unit with five preloaded adjustable positions mounted horizontally with a sophisticated progressive linkage system. A solution which has made it possible to recreate the pure and delicate lines of the rear of the Vespa 946.

The lights are one of the hallmarks of the Vespa 946. They stands out in particular for the fact that the headlamp is manufactured using a full LED technology system with heat dissipation. The full LED technology is also featured on the tail lights with stylish turn indicators, redesigned for the Collection 2014, flush with the body so as not to affect the lines of the Vespa.

The saddle, mounted on an aluminium support, is an extraordinary design element, capable of gracefully marking the overall design of the Vespa 946, at the service of functionality. Hinged to the body on a cast aluminium support, the rider and passenger saddle is made by hand of fine waterproof fabric.

Vespa 946 is equipped with the innovative ASR traction control, an advanced electronic system which prevents slippage of the rear wheel, avoiding loss of adhesion and always ensuring optimal traction. A unique technological sophistication of the Piaggio Group, for the first time on Vespa.


The pulsating heart of the Vespa 946 is an extremely modern engine which reveals the lines of development of engines of the future, characterised by reduced fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction of gaseous and noise emissions.

The single cylinder 125/155 cc 4 stroke, 3 valve, air cooled engine with electronic injection represents Piaggio Group's state of the art technology in scooter engines.

The engine has been entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Pontedera, in the largest plant of the Piaggio Group, which is one of the most important and advanced research, development and production centres in the engine field worldwide. This engine is born from the challenge that the Group has taken on: to provide an increasingly more evolved customer with a product that guarantees performance, reliability and safety while also leading the field in respect for the environment.

In the search for the best performance/fuel consumption ratio, the 3 valve timing solution is the most effective because it improves intake, increasing engine efficiency compared to conventional 2 valve engines.

The cooling system has been the subject of careful analysis in order to improve performance even further, thereby obtaining a significant reduction in terms of acoustics and power absorption.

The injection system is state of the art in terms of functionality and rideability, with automatic idling control and closed-loop fuel mixture management with lambda probe. The three dimensional maps of advance, titre and injection timing are managed by a new generation control unit. Together with the trivalent catalytic converter, compliance with Euro3 standard is guaranteed with ample margin, also with a view to future legislation, increasingly stringent in terms of reduction of polluting emissions.

Vespa 946 – Technical details

Tradition and innovation: Monocoque body made ​​of sheet steel with aluminium elements: handlebar, saddle support, side panels, front mudguard, rearview mirrors supports.

Maximum safety: 220 mm dual disc brake, ABS dual channel braking system, ASR traction electronic control system. Large 12 inch wheels, dismountable aluminium alloy wheel rims.

Ecology and economy: 125/155 cc 3V engine, electronic injection, fuel consumption and emission reduction at the top of the category.

Technology and style: LED headlamp with heat dissipating system, LED tail light and turn indicators, full LCD multi-purpose dashboard.

published 24/11/2014


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